The Long Process of Getting a Diagnosis for Kaitlyn

We have known that something was "off" about Kaitlyn since she was 3 years old. Before then, she seemed like a normal infant and toddler. We do attachment parenting and she was always with us. She was faster at reaching all the milestones than our oldest daughter. Then, at 3 years old she started acting a little different. She still didn't want to be around other kids, adults, she wanted to be alone, she was very emotional, she wasn't potty trained, she wouldn't feed herself, and she was clumsy. I let it go because I thought she would grow out of it (or maybe, I was in denial). Well, she didn't.

We finally got her tested at the local public school in September and were shocked to see that on some tests she scored as low as an 18 month old (and she was 4.5 years old)! They said she was way behind on her behavior and adaptive skills (and social skills) and behind in her fine and gross motor skills. They said she had Sensory Integration Dysfunction and suspected Aspergers. Wow. However, she did score above her age group in comprehension and language (7 year old on both). So, she went to school and therapy at school two times a week. She did okay the first month or two but then it got bad. She cried all the time, begged us not to send her to school, was afraid of the school bathroom (and had accidents nearly every day), she wasn't involved in the activities, wouldn't play, and was regressing in her behavior. It was such a shock because we were not told that she was having these problems. The lack of communication was frustrating. She does not have accidents at home (other than bed wetting at night) and she loves to be involved in what we do. I thought she would love preschool. She has always been plagued by fears and she is terrified of a growing list of things (lawnmowers, teenagers, skateboards, noises, dogs, etc, etc). I can't get her to tell me what happened at school but I knew my only choice was to take her out. So, I did.

She is now so happy and thriving. She participates in our schoolwork, she works hard, and she is happy. Of course, she still isn't normal. The fears are still here, she still has violent tantrums, she still won't feed herself with a fork or a spoon (well, sometimes she will), she still cries all the time for no reason, she is still anti-social, anti-touch (except me, she doesn't know her boundaries with me and climbs all over me), and she still falls all the time. But she is happy and so am I.

We have a doctor appointment this Friday for her. We also have turned in a huge packet of paperwork so we can get approved and get her to see an autism specialist for a diagnosis. The psychologist is super nice and really encouraging. She did say that she is booked out for a month and a half, but that is okay. I just want to finally know what is really going on with my precious Kaitlyn.
Maybe if I can understand her better I can help her more.

***The picture above is Kaitlyn on the 9 hour bus trip to my parent's for Christmas. She did wonderful and had no meltdown's the whole time. She did have crazy hair though from sleeping on the bus.***

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