Our Adventure at the Doctors

On Friday we took the girls to the doctors for a checkup and to get a referral for Kaitlyn to the autism center. What a challenge! It was the girls’ first visit with this doctor and they were super nervous. Kaitlyn did not want to go at all. She was crying and did not want to get dressed. I bribed her (terrible, I know) and let her have a Valentine’s Day candy and bring her new stuffed animal with her. She then agreed and got ready. Thankfully she was great on the bus ride there. Ashlee just sat quietly on the bus staring out the window. She gets nervous about new things.

First up was Ashlee and she was super nervous. She didn’t even feel comfortable answering simple questions like what her name was. She squeaked out quietly, “Ummm..uhhh…Ashlee.” The doctor found fluid in one ear so she is referring her to a specialist since this has been found a few times. Otherwise, no problems found with her. They ran some blood work but I am not sure what for. I will find out this week. She did not handle the needle very well and cried a little saying it hurt. Then a few minutes later she said she felt sick and turned white as a ghost. She was falling into walls as we tried getting her to the bathroom. I don’t know why she felt so bad but it took nearly 30 minutes until she felt okay to walk again.

Kaitlyn was next and she hates being touched. She was so angry! I helped by moving the stethoscope around so she didn’t have to touch her. Kaitlyn screamed and kicked whenever the doctor did touch her. She threw a tantrum over Ashlee touching her stuffed animal (a valentine dog). It gave the doctor a small picture of what we deal with daily. We talked about our issues with Kaitlyn and our concerns. After the checkup she said that she definitely thinks that she has autism and will send a referral. She also did a bunch of blood work to rule out anything medical since we told her all the regression and change in behavior happened after she turned three and had pneumonia (hospitalized twice). So, I will know blood work results next week but I don’t think it is the issue. I look forward to getting her to the autism center and getting a formal diagnosis. Poor girl was terrified of the needle and screamed! She pulled her arm which yanked out of the needle. I ended up having to hold her shoulder down. Once the needle was in she calmed down and got in the zone (wouldn’t talk, but didn’t fight it). Afterwards, she forgot the pain and said it was all great!

We take the bus everywhere so after a long doctor visit (90 minutes), we still had over an hour on the bus and at the bus station. We were all tired and worn out. Kaitlyn came home and seemed extra sensitive. She cried over everything and then she finished the night by falling off her sister’s top bunk bed! She now has more bruises to add to her already bruised up legs (she is ultra clumsy). So, that was our adventure. We have a lot more doctor visits to come and we will find out the blood results in a few days.

***The pictures are Ashlee and Kaitlyn this weekend out on a trail with daddy. The both loved making the bridge and balancing on it. Later, Kaitlyn fell in the icky mud!***

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