Ashlee - Mommy in the Making

Sorry everyone for not posting. I am still sick (yes, 10 days so far) and I haven’t had the energy to write lately. This cough won’t go away but once I am back to normal, I promise to blog more. I have lots of things I want to share about, but I just need to be feeling better.

I thought I would share about Ashlee today. Ashlee is my future momma. She loves children, especially babies. She loves to spend her time with Juliet and help with her. She loves helping out with bathing, changing, picking out clothes, making her laugh, playing with her and holding her. They just adore each other. Juliet is known to make Ashlee cry sometimes though because she loves to yank on her long hair and not let go! Ashlee will make a wonderful mother one day, hopefully not for a long time though! I am content watching her mothering skills with her baby sister and her room full of baby dolls. She is still a child even though she is quickly blooming into a young lady. I love my amazing Ashlee.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing.. I miss the kids so much but I am so happy that you keep me updated through your pictures and blogs. Love Mom

Green Family said...

Hi Mom,

The kids miss you too. The blog is an easy way to share what we are doing and share pictures. The girls are growing up so fast, it is crazy. We all love and miss you.

One Rich Mother said...

Makes me think of Mazzy. : ) Oddly enough she was never really interested in baby dolls but has always been great with and loved real babies. Lydia on the other hand loves to play with dolls but can only tolerate real babies for a moment or two. "shrug" who knows what is going on there.
Hope you are 100% and back up on your feet soon.

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