I am Blessed!

I recently joined two home businesses, Scentsy and Avon. I joined Avon first (about two weeks ago) and then Scentsy a few days later. Why two? Well, they are so different and opposite from each other. They appeal to different people but they both offer products that I love and use daily! Scentsy is our main business and it is a family business. Everyone helps with Scentsy in the family and they love Scentsy. This is the only business I am building a team with as well. I just adore Scentsy and I will gladly tell everyone about it! I want Scentsy to become a household name like Avon is. I love Avon as well and we all share the work. My husband and children go door-to-door handing out brochures. We all love the products and use them constantly. We don’t build a team with Avon because the process is more complicated and just a big pain though!

So, why am I so blessed? Well, I just started these businesses and just a few days ago got all the business supplies. I don’t know enough local people to do a party and I have no local friends (and only one family member locally). However, I am so happy to say that both businesses are exceeding my goals and really picking up already! I have had 3 Avon sales and 4 Scentsy sales! That is a HUGE deal in my book and it fills my heart with joy! I am so very blessed with every sale.

I have bigger plans with both businesses coming up. We are handing out 600 catalogs next week for Avon and I hope it brings some business. For Scentsy we are going to hand out invitations (via door knocking) and hold a large open house to show off Scentsy (we plan to personally invite 200 people and I hope that at least 40 people show up). We are hopeful and excited. I have the next two weeks off school before next quarter so I am going to buckle down and really get out there and show what I have.

I want to see my businesses grow and succeed. I don’t need to get rich, but I would love some extra money to help out. We are both college students so money is tight. I just want to make enough so I can start paying off debt and put some in savings! We are very frugal, live in a smaller apartment, and watch our spending closely. Every dollar counts so I hope that with these businesses, I will be able to add to our savings and get out of debt while keeping on our strict budget.

God is great and I pray that He will do His will with these businesses and help us grow them if that is what He desires.

My Scentsy Website

My Avon Website

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valerie said...

Blessed you are indeed. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I love yours! blessings 2 u.

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