Our Week in Review

I thought I would give a quick (well, as quick as I can be) update on what the Green family has been up to over the past week.

• Katie lost her 4th tooth in less than 2 months! It is making it hard to eat and talk properly and I can’t wait for her adult teeth to grow in. She is a cutie though!

• We finished our Winter Quarter in school! Now, we have two glorious weeks off before next quarter!

• Sickness hit the Green family! It started with my husband, Garrett, who is the sickest. It was complete with a fever, chills, aches, and migraines (along with the typical cold symptoms). I am now starting to get sick and Juliet is sick as well. Poor baby girl is crying nearly all day, has a slight fever, coughing, stuffy, and just not in a great mood. Mine is mostly a sore throat, headache, and cough. Thankfully, Ashlee and Katie don’t seem to be sick and I hope it stays that way. I pray this goes away quickly.

• We had to miss Church on Sunday because we were sick. It is hard for us to miss Church. We just adore our little Church and Sunday sermon and worship.

• Our Church brought us over some yummy food! It was great and very much appreciated. That was our dinner tonight!

• Once we feel better, I will be working on spring cleaning, making a schedule, and working on business (handing out hundreds of catalogs this week). I also plan to spend Spring break choosing next year’s curriculum and focusing on homeschooling work with the kids. Katie big focus is reading and Ashlee’s big focus is math (specifically multiplication).

***The pictures are of Katie and her new smile and Juliet being sick but trying to smile for Ashlee***

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