Ashlee Turns 10!

Yesterday was my oldest daughter, Ashlee’s birthday. She turned 10 years old! Wow, where has the time gone? I can’t believe my precious baby is getting so old. Before my eyes she is turning into a beautiful young lady.

She had a great birthday and we had a lot of fun. My stepdad came over for the weekend (he lives hours away) which was great. We have not seen him since Thanksgiving. We first opened gifts at home. Ashlee was spoiled, like always! She got a new camera, Scentsy buddy, Scentsy warmer and scents (she wanted her own scentsy), and cards with money from family. We then went to Chuck E Cheese’s for lunch and fun. The kids had a lot of fun winning tickets and playing games. It was loud and crowded but still fun. After Chuck E Cheese’s, we went shopping so she could buy her presents with the money. She loves to shop! She picked out a very nice bike which she needed, her other bike was literally falling apart. Then, we headed to a great shop in Spokane, Wonders of the World. This is one of our favorite stores and if you are ever in the area, check it out! They have full fossils (one is $25,000), dinosaur bones, lots of gems and rocks, jewelry, statues, gifts, Native American artwork, and items literally from around the world. This is Ashlee’s favorite store and she wants it all. She ended up spending $120 at the store! She got a meteorite, fossil fish, dinosaur tooth, quartz mining kit, amethyst, gold flacks in a jar, Oregon opal, a small piece of amber with little bugs in it, 2 gem bracelets and 2 mini glass figurines (a panda and a raccoon). We ended the day with cake and ice cream.

It was a fun day and Ashlee felt so special and loved. She had a lot of fun and got some amazing gifts. She has a new camera that is wonderful (she loves photography), new girly bike, scentsy stuff, and more science stuff to keep her happy. My girl LOVES science, it is her favorite thing. She loves studying dinosaurs, fossils, rocks, gems, and anything else science related. I really think she will go into a science field. What other 10 year old girl wants all science stuff? I love my geeky little girl!

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A Plummer's Life said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like she had a blast! I love the first pic! I love pictures with candle light glow like that :)

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Ashlee!!

Keda said...

It seems like it was a lovely day. You have a wonderfully beautiful family.

Yaheu said...

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Cori said...

Happy Birthday Ashlee!!

Loving your blog, thanks so much for popping by mine so I had a chance to check out yours!!

Yaheu said...

come BAcK Here,, GratEfuLLy To Visit U..

Green Family said...

Thank you everyone! :-)

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