Enjoying Life while Attempting to be Frugal

Wow, we finally got outside and did something! It only took us over a month to get the motivation, and to start feeling better, to finally be able to get out and do something together as a family. We decided to go to Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane. This place is a favorite with the kids and our family. It is a huge park with playgrounds, river and even some very impressive waterfalls. The kids love it down there because of the rides, miniature golf, IMAX, gondola ride and Katie’s personal favorite the antique carousel ride!

We are frugal, sometimes it gets rather annoying to be so frugal, but I am sure there are plenty of folks out there that beat us on frugality. Anyhow, we try not to allow our frugalness to ruin the kid’s fun; so we got them season passes for only a total of $80 for Ashlee and Katie! This is a great price because last year we literally went to the park about 4 times a week until September. The carousel alone is $2.00 a ride and Katie will ride it at least 4 times in one day, and not to mention the price of tickets to get on all the rides. I know one year we went and dropped close to $100 in one day (yes I know not very frugal)! So, as I said the $80 for the kids to be able to enjoy themselves until September is well worth it.

We just love seeing the excitement on the kid’s face when we tell them we are going downtown for the day. Once the weather gets better, we like to pack a picnic and make a day of it. Oh and this year we even have our season passes to Mobius science center which is a 5 minute walk from Riverfront park! This excites me because we can do so much with the kids, only pay $1 for parking (for the whole day), and we don’t have to drive all over town wasting gas because it is all in one spot.

So, as I said we finally got the kid’s passes but it was pretty cold yesterday, and we really didn’t do much. The kids played miniature golf, went on the rollercoaster 2 times, they both went on some tug boat ride, Ashlee went on the ferris wheel, Katie went on the airplane ride while Ashlee was on the ferris wheel, and of course they had to go on the carousel. More fun times to come and I cannot wait for the weather to get nice!

-Written by Garrett-

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