We Love Sonlight!

This is our first time homeschooling with a full curriculum. I was a bit nervous at first, but I knew what I wanted in a curriculum. I wanted a Christian curriculum that required little or no prep work, covered all the subjects, literature based, and highly recommended. I found it in Sonlight! Plus, I couldn't beat the discount program they gave me (free shipping for a year, 10% off everything else I buy for a year, message board access, and a beautiful free gift) and the amazing 18 week money back guarantee!

I started the P4/5 newcomer's package (along with writing without tears PreK edition and Earlybird Math) about 2 weeks ago. We pulled my youngest daughter who just turned 5 out of school. She is suspected to have asperger's and was really regressing in school and doing terrible. We are in the process of getting insurance to approve testing for her so we can get a formal diagnosis. She had an IEP in school because she tested so low on her behavioral and adaptive skills and gross and fine motor skills. We plan to put her into therapy again while doing school at home. That way she spends her day in the calm environment she craves while still getting the help she needs.

I was a bit worried about getting her to focus for school. I shouldn't have worried though! She asks for school even on the weekends. She loves all the books and doing the workbooks as well. She tries so hard and does really well. The curriculum is short enough that she doesn't get bored but long enough that she learns new things everyday. It is building her self-confidence that was shattered in school. She begs for more and dances around the house singing that she is a good girl and a good at school! Sonlight is nice for me too because it is clearly laid-out, organized and easy to use. The message boards have been super helpful and I love learning from the "experts."

We love it so much that we we are ordering Sonlight Core 3 for my oldest who will be 9 in April. She is excited to get started. We just have to wait until we get tax return this week! I will update on what we think about that core once we get it. Can't wait!

If you want to check out Sonlight, please click the banner below! If you spend $50 or more on Sonlight's curriculum (and go through the banner below) you will get $5 off!

Sonlight Curriculum

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Luke said...

Whoa! I'm so glad you started following my blog because I hadn't run into yours before. Thanks for writing such and encouraging post! All the best as you continue on this new journey [smile]. I look forward to reading more about your experiences in the coming days (and years).


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